Rovio’s Amazing Alex hits iOS, Android on July 12

Rovio has revealed that its next game Amazing Alex will be available on iOS and Google Play Thursday, July 12. The game is the company’s first non-Angry Birds branded title to be released in over three years.

The basic gameplay and setting for Amazing Alex are taken from Casey’s Contraptions, an older iOS game developed by  Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut. Rovio bought the Casey’s Contraptions IP for an undisclosed amount in May.

As Polygon reported earlier today, the trailer for the game shows a cartoon of the game’s titular hero Alex putting together a Rube Goldberg-eque machine as well as actual gameplay footage. Unlike Rovio’s Angry Birds games, Amazing Alex will support user generated levels in addition to the 100 levels that will come with the game at launch.

The game’s trailer did not reveal how much the game would cost, but given Rovio’s previous track record, Amazing Alex is likely to debut as a paid app on iOS, and come in both paid, and free ad-supported versions on Android. Like previous Rovio titles, Amazing Alex promises free, regular updates.

While Rovio has been relatively quiet about its Amazing Alex announcements so far, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed has acknowledged his studio is feeling some pressure around the release. The company’s Angry Birds titles have been the most successful mobile games in history, racking up over 1 billion downloads and spawning a merchandising empire that includes  toys, candy and clothes. Although Angry Birds still seems to be as popular as ever, there’s little doubt Rovio are hoping Amazing Alex will be the next mobile franchise to hit 1 billion downloads.