Rovio Picks Up Former Fox Executive Andrew Stalbow as General Manager For North America

Rovio is continuing its Angry Birds world domination plans.

The company said today that it hired Andrew Stalbow, a former executive at Fox Digital Entertainment, to be its general manager for North America. Stalbow’s background plays into Rovio’s ambitions to be more than a gaming company and to have reach into film, books and toys.

Stalbow was responsible for licensing properties like Glee, Avatar and The Simpsons and already had experience working with Rovio through managing the partnership on the Fox film ‘Rio,’ and its Angry Birds app.

He will likely shepherd any Angry Birds feature-length animated film or TV series through production. Rovio recently hired the former chairman of Marvel Studios David Maisel to be a special advisor and it acquired a Finnish animation studio Kombo, that had created a very high-quality Angry Birds short film.

Rovio hasn’t had a dedicated U.S. presence for long. The company’s “Mighty Eagle” Peter Vesterbacka has been shuttling back and forth between Helsinki, the U.S. and China for some time. Speaking of which, Rovio also just opened a marketing office in Shanghai as China has become its second largest market after the U.S.