Looking to Break Into Hollywood, Rovio Adds Former Chairman of Marvel as an Advisor

Angry Birds-maker Rovio Mobile has been quite forward with its ambitions to branch out beyond gaming into books, movies and other types of entertainment.

So it should be no surprise that the Finnish gaming company picked up the former chairman of Marvel Studios David Maisel to help guide the company into film-making.

Given that Jim Breyer, one of the partners at Rovio’s venture investor Accel Partners, once served on the board of Marvel, we wouldn’t be surprised if he made the intro. Maisel was responsible for launching Marvel Studios, which went on to create films like Iron Man and Thor, and for the $4 billion sale of the company to Disney.

Maisel will serve as an executive producer for future Angry Birds films. One other asset that should help with Rovio with its ambitions is Kombo, the Finnish animation studio the company recently acquired. Kombo had been producing Angry Birds-themed shorts along with doing contract work for other companies up until the acquisition. Now it will be doing exclusively Rovio-commissioned work. With the combination of these two moves, perhaps a feature-length animated film won’t be too far off in the future.

Angry Birds 2 from Kombo on Vimeo.