Roundup: Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Colleen Williams will drink you under the table and then head out on the town. She reports from a week’s worth of media shindigs.

Interior Design Magazine Party
Monday, Sept 24

A redesign of the Charles S. Cohen firm headquarters and the September issue of Interior Design Magazine meant mini-golf and loads of Nicholas Feuillatte champagne at the 59th and Lex offices. The crowd was mainly of the architectural-glasses-frames set, and a little bit older, but the partymaster pumped Goldfrapp and even Justin Timberlake for guests. Highlight? Polenta fried chicken. Otherwise, where’s my copy of the magazine?

Planet Magazine Party
Tuesday, Sept 25

Planet Magazine busted out the new one-quarter bottles of Nicholas Feuillatte on Tuesday night at Sway, piled copies of their Asia Argento-cover issue on tables, and brought in DJ Jeffrey Tonnesen. The party was for… what was the party for? I’m pretty sure it was just for party’s sake, which is pretty much the best kind. They even provided me with the worst hangover I’ve had all year! Thanks, Planet Magazine!

City Mag Party
Wednesday, Sept 26

City tied one on in true gallery fashion on Wednesday night, showcasing amazing travel photography talent and awarding Konstantino Hatzisarros with the grand prize (not only does his pic grace the Oct cover, but he won some serious photo-booty too). City‘s upper echelon of editors was on hand to make comments and minispeeches for Konstantino, well-dressed NYers milled around drinking prosecco, and one brazen older man told me I was “too skinny to enjoy art.” After a mild feminist tantrum, I left with dignity intact, City in hand.

Volvo/Hamptons & Gotham Magazine Party
Thursday, Sept 27

Ice sculptures, silver tubedress white-wigged women, Marcia Gay Harden, oh my! Manhattan Automobile Company introduced the Volvo showroom while celebrating Marcia Gay Harden’s Gotham & Hamptons cover on Thursday night, throwing one hell of a fete. Publicist Victoria Alexander might be the nicest woman I’ve ever met in PR. Give that girl a drink. Otherwise, MGH shook her tailfeather, Queen Latifah was en route to show up, and I peeped the brand new, superheroesque Volvo. I highly recommend supporting the entire operation. I mean, ice sculptures? Of a car? Brilliant.