Rounding the Edges and Trimming the Fat: Car Trends Get Trendy


Read this line and tell us it doesn’t make you feel a little icky: “Many designers see the car as a form of clothing. ‘We like to say, ‘A car is the largest object you are ever going to wear,’ says Chris Chapman of BMW.” We don’t know why it makes us feel like this, it just does. Maybe it’s because it’s such a bad piece of company line. But that’s neither here nor there, as it’s simply a bit of bad dialogue from a very interesting piece in Forbes Autos: “Ten Design Trends to Shape the Future” and it’s all about the sudden burst of creativity apparently overtaking the car industry (the expensive ones at least). In it, like the title says, they go through each of these top ten trends, everything from “higher beltlines” to “elaborate sunroofs.” Read it and get the facts. Because, if you’re like us, you simply don’t get into a car anymore that doesn’t have, at the very least, a waist-high beltline and a sunroof that plays a song and fixes you a slurpee.