RotorBlog Weekly Highlights

There are two big items that made waves this week – the great Gmail outage of 2009 and the continuing discussion about the Facebook TOS issue. All these news items generate too much buzz around the tech blogging community, so much so that their Techmeme contextual entries stayed on the front page of the tech news aggregator for several days.The Great Gmail Outage of 2009

The incident happen last Tuesday morning around 9:30GMT. Immediately after some Gmail users started noticing that it has taken too long already for Gmail to come back after being down for several minutes. And so the news spread out. It has been Twittered, blogged, and written on Facebook walls and member statuses. The Gmail outage lasted for 2.5 hours. Users of the free web-based email service could only sigh for the time they lost or perhaps even opportunities, financial matters, and even personal stuff especially those who rely heavily on Gmail for doing their business transactions. But they have nothing to do, we can’t even complaint since we are using a free Gmail account.

The Gmail outage also affected those who have Business account with Gmail through the Google Business Apps. But Google was quick to appease them by offering a 15 day free usage of their Business Apps application. Immediately thereafter Google issued a statement regarding the cause of the outage – the failing data centers in Europe. It was a gradual restoration process. Gmail made it in a systematic and orderly way.

The Facebook TOS Saga Continues

This week the issue on Facebook’s change of some clause of the TOS continues. This has prompted Facebook to revert to their original TOS. and asked its member to participate in the developme of the new TOS. There was also Competes deeper look into the trends that catapulted Facebook to the top as analyzed through Compete’s analytics.

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