Ross Levitt to Lead CNN’s National Security Team In Washington

07356131ded962f5e9bc393135297662Ross Levitt will be joining CNN’s Washington bureau to lead their National Security team, announced managing editor of the bureau, Adam Levine (no, not that one), on Twitter.

Ross, who has been with CNN since 2006, most recently worked as a field producer at their New York bureau, covering national security and law enforcement related stories. Deputy bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, and Levine announced the move in a staff memo.

We are thrilled to announce that Ross Levitt is joining the Washington bureau to be the supervising producer for the national security team, working with Jim Sciutto, Barbara Starr, Elise Labott and our incredible producing team.

Ross has been a standout producer out of the New York bureau for years where he has been a big contributor on national security and law enforcement coverage.  He has covered every major stateside terror investigation, helping CNN get exclusive information and video on the Times Square bomber, Boston marathon bombings and Najibullah Zazi, as well as helping in coverage of the Benghazi killings and the Kenya mall attack.  In addition, he was part of our ongoing coverage of the Bob Levenson case and the American hikers detained in Iran.  Ross was part of the first team to get to Haiti after the earthquake.  He’s produced key interviews for CNN including the recent live interview at the UN with John Kerry, Dick Cheney and Mitt Romney.  Outside of national security, he’s covered plane crashes, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornados.

Ross joins us January 5th.  He’ll be moving over the holidays to DC with his wife Tracy, and his twin boys Archer and Rhys.

Good luck from Fishbowl, Ross!