Rosie O’Donnell: ‘Emo-Style’ Vlogger

rosie_vlog_062107.jpgThe ever-readable Virginia Heffernan examined Rosie O’Donnell‘s new vlog and found something addictive. She’s keeping a video blog with sidekicks Helene Macaulay and Janette Barber. It’s pure emotional-confessional, Rosie style:

Ms. O’Donnell seems to be experimenting with an emo style, the morose deadpan known to YouTubers but anathema to TV and stage veterans like herself. Sometimes she barely acknowledges her co-hosts. When she reads questions from viewers who dislike her, she doesn’t fight; when she reads fan mail, she doesn’t smile. But the Rosie-unplugged thing works. In what might be a first for a television star, she’s really not faking anything anymore. She’s just the music-loving, Bush-hating, depression-suffering, overweight Ro that people love and hate.



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