Roseanne Barr for President: She’ll ‘Outlaw Bullsh*t’

Roseanne Barr, an actress, writer, producer and patriot famous for her comedic prowess and her long-running self-titled sitcom, does not consider the current state of American politics to be a laughing matter. So, true to form for the bold and outspoken comedian, she has vowed to do something about it. According to the Daily Beast, Barr feels that the American public has been “bamboozled and hoodwinked” by a government “owned by bankers.” Her proposed solution? “Vote for me. I’m not a liar. I’m not a thief. I’m not a whore, and I’m not a politician. I think that uniquely qualifies me to become president of the U.S.” Zing! Plus, she’s not afraid to be roasted, which is probably an asset to anyone willing to undergo the scrutiny afforded presidential candidates in this country.

Lest you think that this is all a publicity stunt, Barr has stated that she is “dead serious,” and is now the presidential nominee for the Peace and Freedom Party, which bills itself as “an open, multi-tendency, movement-oriented socialist party…united in our common commitment to socialism, democracy, feminism and unionism and our common opposition to capitalism, imperialism, racism, sexism and elitism.”

Barr said of her choice to run as the Peace and Freedom Party candidate along with anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan: “There is no real third party in America…There’s this one party that has two sides to it—the Democratic and Republican side. It’s one party that has two heads. We want to give voters a choice for people not owned by Wall Street.” A pretty compelling statement in these disillusioned times, but it pales in comparison to what she said next, which is perhaps the most fantastic campaign promise ever

After stating that “Americans have been been bullsh*tted into forgetting that war does not mean freedom,” she went on to say, “When I’m president, I’m gonna outlaw bullsh*t.” Ah, if only…

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