Milwaukee Sportswriter Bemoans Rose Bowl Stereotype

Michael Hunt, a columnist with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is in town to cover the Rose Bowl match between his home state Wisconsin Badgers and the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs. With a few days to go before the big contest, he’s already tired of an age-old cliché being bandied about by his fellow journalists.

Sometimes I’m embarrassed for my media brethren. The lead-up to the Rose Bowl would be one of those occasions.

Some of us, apparently the part that has not seen Wisconsin play since the W was on the front of the helmets, have decided to reduce this game to a conveniently packaged generalization: It’s Texas Christian’s blazing speed against the brute-force power of the otherwise plodding Wisconsin Clydesdales!

Never mind that some of the players on the Wisconsin team have been recruited from places like Florida and, yes, Texas. The Texas speed vs. Wisconsin girth question is firmly embedded in this week’s media proceedings, leading some players, writes Hunt, to “justifiably roll their eyes.”

A sports cliché that tests the patience of players known to spout such platitudes after a big victory or embarassing loss? Now there’s a championship-level cliché.