RootMusic Helps Bands Create Sexy Facebook Pages

Every once in a while a Facebook music app comes along that looks great and is easy to use, and RootMusic’s new BandPage app for music marketing seems to fit the bill. If you are a band looking for tools to help promote your group on Facebook, this is one that you have to check out.

It’s a given that Facebook is a great way for music bands to promote themselves — just the number of music player apps for Facebook alone suggests how important music is to Facebookers, as does the existence of Facebook’s Music Page. A search for “band app” on Facebook shows no shortage of choices, some of which AllFacebook has previously covered (e.g., ReverbNation’s Best Bands app, etc).

RootMusic’s BandPages app might not be the last of its kind to appear on Facebook, but its slick, easy-to-use interface makes me wish I still had my array of guitars, basses and synths — just so that I could record some tracks and “wow” my Facebook friends through my own Facebook Page.

BandPage has several great features for promoting your band. Here are just a few:

  • Add songs for fans to listen to or download.
  • Upload band pictures.
  • Allow fans to send email.
  • Display and manage info about upcoming shows: date, time, city, venue, ticket cost.
  • Pull in your band’s Twitter feed to display your tweet stream.

The setup process is relatively simple:

  1. Make sure that the Facebook Page where you want to add band content to has already been created, and that you are an admin of that Page.
  2. Use the Get Started button from RootMusic’s site. This uses Facebook Connect to log you in. (You can take the tour or watch the video on their home page, before you get started.)
  3. Select the Facebook Page to add band content to. Once you’ve logged in, Band App will display all the Facebook Pages where you’re an admin. Pick the one you want.
  4. Now follow the video or text instructions on how to add content from the BandPage editor. Once the video stops playing, the BandPage editor will show.
  5. Export your content. This is probably the most complicated step, relatively speaking (there’s a video in the BandPage Editor page on how to do this). Since your band page content is actually being created on, you’ll need to embed this over on your Facebook Page. RootMusic calls it “exporting.” You do this by pulling the content into your Facebook Page via the RootMusic BandPage installer. You can customize your Facebook Page tabs after you’ve finished exporting.

RootMusic’s BandPage app looks exciting enough to make me want to run out right now and buy a guitar. If, unlike me, you’re in the music entertainment biz, this is an app you need to see. What might make this app really “sticky” for fans, as well as help bands, is if there was a corresponding directory of bands and musicians using the app, possibly with recommendations based on music genres, or even voted on by fans.