Trailer for The Roommate Doles Out Misguided Brotherly Love

It’s not uncommon for Hollywood studios to tease upcoming movies with scenes that don’t make it into the final product. But Philadelphia Inquirer film critic Steven Rea has come across a version of this bait-and-switch that is a little odder than usual.

For some reason, at one minutes and 22 seconds into a trailer for the upcoming February 4th Sony-Screen Gems thriller The Roommate, a shot of Philadelphia’s City Hall is shown. Even though the film strictly sourced Culver City and environs for its college campus. Reports Rea:

Roommate director Christian E. Christiansen responded via Facebook to a query about what our city’s landmark was doing in a film that was shot in Southern California. “No, unfortunately, it’s just used for the trailer and not a part of the film…”

Which, it’s suggested to the director, is a little odd – kind of like cutting to an image of the Chrysler Building in a trailer for a thriller set in Seattle. “Very odd,” Christiansen agreed. “I have no idea what exactly goes through the head of marketing people.”

Maybe Sony is going for the subliminal Brian De Palma imprint. Several of the director’s best known films, including Dressed to Kill and Blow Out, prominently feature City Hall and other Philly landmarks.