LA Stand-Up Gets Ready to Kill in Cairo

Ronnie Khalil (pictured), who launched LA’s annual Middle Eastern Comedy Festival in the fall of 2009, is taking punch line diplomacy to a whole new level.

On July 6th, he will be in Cairo to headline “Freedom of Funny,” billed as the first major stand-up comedy show in Cairo since the revolution. Khalil actually performed several underground shows in the city just a few weeks before the uprisings, and says he has big plans for his upcoming gig at the El Sawy Culture Wheel:

Ronnie will announce his candidacy for “Bresident of Egypt,” a humorous reference to Middle Easterners sometimes confusing English letters. He will also unveil his plan for a “New Egypt…”

“It will be interesting to perform in a country where I was always forbidden to talk about Egyptian politics,” says Khalil. “I’ve saved more than 30 years of Hosni Mubarak jokes, though my 1991 joke about him wearing MC Hammer pants might be a little outdated.”

The other comics on the July 6th bill are all local Egyptians. For what it’s worth, FishbowlLA thinks there should be a joke in there somewhere about pyramid schemes. Break a nose!