E!’s Ted Casablanca Details Earlier Ronni Chasen Hold-Up

The murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen remains a mystery, with scant new details being publicly revealed about the investigation beyond the fact that traffic cameras at the intersection in question were removed by the city of Beverly Hills several years ago to save money and that the shooter was by all indications a marksman.

However, as those who knew Chasen think back to their conversations and experiences with her, new clues are possibly emerging. This one was shared yesterday afternoon by E! Online gossip columnist Ted Casablanca (pictured), based on a conversation he had with Chasen several years ago at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills:

Chasen was describing having just been robbed at gunpoint. “These two men came into my garage and held me up… And they had guns! I was horrified!” I assume Chasen meant the garage of her condo building…

My eyes just bulged as I asked, “Are you OK?”… “Yes,” a still somewhat flustered Chasen told me. “But the thing is, they got my jewelry, including what was in the trunk… Some of [the jewelry] was my mother’s. Irreplaceable.”

This prior incident may well have nothing to do with the tragic events of November 16th, and presumably, there is a police report on file for investigators to review. However, the fact that Chasen was previously the victim of a targeted act of violence remains chilling.

Update – 12/03/10: According to a report on Good Morning America, LA police are now investigating this prior crime, to see whether perhaps it relates to the Chasen murder.