Beverly Hills Police Outline a Real-Life Harold Smith Character

In a town built on movies, at a press conference this afternoon about the murder of a woman skilled at promoting those who make them, we learned more about a character named Harold Smith. And he is just that; a character with a narrative so close to unbelievable that he seems to align more closely with the Harold Smith’s of film and TV rather than any in the real world.

Cover-up and conspiracy theories are already flying around the comments sections of this afternoon’s reports. At this point, FBLA feels the only appropriate thing to do is file Smith alongside his imaginary brethren.

Harold Smith #1 (Tom Courtenay): In the 1999 USA Films comedy Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?, two-time Oscar nominee Courtenay plays a quiet Englishman who suddenly develops psychic and telekinetic powers.

Harold Smith #2 (Lenny von Dohlen, pictured): In the classic David Lynch TV series Twin Peaks, Smith is an agoraphobe who has meals delivered to him by Laura Palmer. He eventually commits suicide, in far more poetic fashion than his Harvey Apartments counterpart, leaving a note that says, “I have a solitary soul.”

Harold Smith #3 (Wilford Brimley): In the 1985 movie Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins and follow-on 1988 TV series, Harold Smith is the head of CURE, a top secret organization known only to the President, with headquarters in the basement of the World Bank.