Ronda Rousey’s UFC Fight Generated More Than 2.6 Million Social Interactions

This weekend, Ronda Rousey became a case in point for athletes looking to build event buzz on social media.

Social media and live sporting events have become practically inseparable. Last month the FIFA Women’s World Cup generated over 20 million interactions on Facebook alone.

According to data from social media analytics company Talkwalker, the Ronda Rousey/Bethe Correia fight at UFC 190 generated 2.6 million interactions in just seven days.

There was lots of pre-fight hype, which peaked shortly after the official weigh in, with more than 10,000 mentions in just one hour.

Ronda Rousey, the women’s bantamweight champion, was individually more popular than the entire #UFC190 hashtag, and drove a considerable part of the engagement of the event.


At 1.29am EST, Rousey received 22,533 mentions while #UFC190 received less than 18,000 mentions. At the peak users were posting 375 times per second, with the majority of interactions occuring on Twitter.

Rousey held five of the top 10 hashtags surrounding the event, including #TeamRousey, #AndStill, and #34seconds. But #UFC190 received the most individual mentions with more than 1.07 million during the week of the event.

Influence played a huge part of the social media success of the event, and sports accounts were the top influencers across multiple networks. The UFC on Fox Facebook account received more than 1.22 million engagements, and Sportscenter received also 970.000 engagements. On Instagram ESPN received more than 437.000 engagements.


While Facebook’s interaction was broader, Twitter’s engagement saw more input from individual users. A tweet from One Direction’s Niall Horan, received more than 84,000 retweets, and Demi Lovato received more than 66,000 interactions from just 6 tweets about the event. Ronda Rousey herself received more than 38,000 interactions on her 20 tweets that week.

Image courtesy of Ronda Rousey on Facebook.

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