Ronan Farrow Racks Up Three Quick Strikes

RonanFarrowDaily[The following is a transcript from the FishbowlNY play-by-play booth.]

“Now batting… Ronan Farrow, the handsome young son of Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra. Check that… Our statistician has just informed us that contrary to information circulated earlier, Ronan is in fact the son of Farrow and Woody Allen. Our apologies.”

“OK; Farrow steps into the national media box. Here’s the first pitch and, whoosh! Farrow swings for the fences and misses. Ratings for his Monday MSNBC debut averaged just 46,000 viewers.”

“Farrow is back in the box… for a called strike two! We’re not sure about that one; it looked a little outside. According the the Daily News, this unproven celebrity farm system prospect “doesn’t yet pop off the screen with the kind of distinctive personality that sets the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper apart.””

“Farrow hunkers down, eyes the pitcher angrily and – whoa Nelly! – did he look bad on that swing. According to Page Six, journalists attending an event tonight at the Princeton Club are being instructed not to ask Farrow any questions about papa Allen. We’ll tell you what. Even if Farrow admonishes or denies any connection to the media tip sheet, that swing is still going to look bad in the Google archives.”

“Up next… ET/TVGN call-up Ireland Baldwin. We’ll be right back!”

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