LA Examiner Propels Ron Paul Into the Future

It’s a harmless brain freeze, the kind FishbowlLA occasionally has to rectify. So we feel perfectly entitled to enjoy a laugh over LA Examiner Peter Steeves’ opening paragraph calendar warp:

Today is of course Thursday. Paul attracted that sizeable UCLA crowd yesterday, aka Wednesday, following the aforementioned solid student turnout on Tuesday at California State University in Chico.

We’re kind of surprised no one has called out Steeves yet in the Examiner article comments. CNN separately notes that Paul’s PR people are busy tub-thumping these impressive California campus crowd numbers, a bright spot in an otherwise dwindling presidential campaign. Perhaps they can also gain inspiration from the Examiner coverage and adopt the new slogan, “Ron Paul – Back to the Future!”

Update – 04/05/12: The Thursday reference has been fixed.