Ron Galotti says incredibly nice things about everyone

Ron Galotti, nice guy

galotti.jpgApparently. Galotti spoke to the Daily for next week’s issue and Paul Colford teased the story in today’s column:

On Thomas Wallace as Conde Nast’s new editorial director: “Tom is perfect for the job … They seem to be becoming not more, but much more fiscally responsible … and guys like [CEO] Chuck Townsend and Tom Wallace fit very well.”

On Jason Binn, whom Galotti has consulted and whose Niche Media will add two more high-end city mags, in Boston and Washington: “He’s one smart, little [expletive] … And Jason, by the time he’s 40, will have $100 million in his pocket.”

Come on, Paul. Either the story in the Daily is the most boring Ron Galotti piece in the history of Ron Galotti, or you’re leaving out anything anyone would actually want to read. Anyone from the Daily want to give us more? Send to