Everyone’s Favorite Anchorman Ron Burgundy Starts Tweeting

There are lots of parody and humor accounts on Twitter, but this one should appeal to fans of 70-style shag carpets and whiskey sours: Anchorman Ron Burgundy has signed up for Twitter.

With Anchorman 2 set to be released sometime in 2014, fans have been clamoring for details about the sequel to this cult favorite. And Twitter has provided.

New details have been released about the eagerly anticipated movie, thanks to one Ron Burgundy, a macho local news reporter with a penchant for whiskey and jazz flutes. And – despite living in the 1970s, a time before all things social media – he’s been tweeting about Anchorman 2.

Of course, in the typical Burgundy style, he’s a little thick when it comes to what Twitter actually is. Calling it “Twirter” and asking if the world is crazy in the same tweet, he announced the first-ever Anchorman 2 teaser trailer:

And for those who can’t speak Burgundish, this means that anyone who sees Sacha Baron Cohen’s new comedy “The Dictator” when it’s released on Wednesday will get a sneak-preview of Anchorman 2.

The account has accumulated over 20,000 followers already, with only 2 tweets and 3 retweets to its name.

You can expect some pretty funny stuff from this account, especially as more information about the Anchorman sequel comes to light.