Ron Allen On Imus: ‘This Was On NBC News, Not Some Obscure Radio Station’

imus_head_fbny.jpgNBC News correspondent Ron Allen on his public campaign to get Imus off MSNBC’s air, via CNN’s Reliable Sources this weekend:

HOWARD KURTZ: You and Al Roker of the “Today” show were probably the two most visible NBC staffers who were making that case, both externally — both publicly and internally. Why did you feel so strongly? I mean, after all, Imus had been on the air for years, and this is hardly the first time that he said something that’s might be called racially insensitive.

RON ALLEN: Well, again, I think the nature of these comments, these words, were so harsh and so painful. They just brought back a lot of memories, they evoked a lot of images that were particularly upsetting for me.

And again, this was on MSNBC, on NBC News. This was not on some obscure radio station somewhere.

I don’t listen to Imus and I don’t listen to shock-jocks a lot. I’m well aware of what they are saying, but, again, this hit home because it was somewhere where I do business, where I work,. And I felt that NBC News should not be associated with this.

I felt that — and many of us said that, you know, we can do better. We should do better. We believe in principles, we believe in ideals, and the network should be above and better than this kind of — kind of stuff.

Nonetheless, a solid majority of you don’t agree with the outcome of this whole thing: