Romo: A Robot Friend With One Half iPhone Body

Robots are incredible manifestations of science fiction, and unless you’re in Japan, they’re hardly a part of everyday existence. Enters Romo, powered by iPhones and iPads it’s a Roomba sized pet with personality and brains the likes of your smartphone.

As you can see in the promo video below, the Romo is a body accessory that gets its brain power from an attached iPhone and app.

In its current state, the Romo appears to be best for younger kids who already have access to an iPhone (or Android) and an iPad. The robot is fairly new and hasn’t actually been shown to do much of autonomous thinking or maneuvering aside from facial recognition. It can’t do things for you, but it can be used to move around or go back and forth, or follow a path. The best part about the Romo is the Romotive SDK – if you’re a programmer, you can teach it to do things and make more faces.

Since it’s just iPhones with wheels, it’s not much more fun than Roomba, but your cat won’t be able to ride it, though I am sure it’s bound to make some cats very entertained.