Romney Weighs In On Matthews

From “First Read“:

    NBC-NJ’s Erin McPike reports that at one of Romney’s “Ask Mitt Anything” events in New Hampshire this weekend, a supporter confronted Romney on Saturday with a disdain for liberal media. The last questioner at the last “Ask Mitt Anything” forum of the day asked, “Why would Republicans like yourself allow frantic anti-Bush Democrats like Chris Matthews to control the debate?”

    Romney explained that the candidates are averaging one to two debates a month and don’t get to choose the questions. He instructed the attendee that Matthews had handled the first GOP debate of the cycle in California: “I thought he was pretty fair at that, to tell you the truth.

    “In some respects, what you can hope for would be for a commentator to go over the line and say some outrageous things,” Romney said. “We’d all pounce on him like white on rice.”

How much you willing to bet that, in some capacity, this whole thing comes up tonight?