Romance Flick Wants to Connect Lovers on Spotify in Marketing Campaign

Calling it the 'Tinder of Music'

Harvey Weinstein is turning movie-making into matchmaking with a marketing campaign on Spotify to promote the summer romance flick Begin Again.

The Weinstein Co. created a digital hub that connects to the music service, which is being called a “Tinder for Music.” Spotify users hit the “connect” button to find other Spotify users with similar musical tastes.

Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley, Hailee Steinfeld and Adam Levine star in the summer romance. 

The Spotify subscription music service lets people collect digital albums and follow each other. In that sense the marketing campaign is just another extension of how users already connect there. 

Music streaming services like iTunes Radio and Pandora have been developing new ways for brands to get involved. In March, Peet’s coffee started piping a specially branded Pandora station into its shops.

The Begin Again marketing campaign starts Monday, and will promoted on Spotify, directing people to the movie’s hub to show off trailer and other material. They did not reveal how much the campaign cost.