Roman Taxi: Royal Era Puts a Spin on City-Building Fare

Roman Taxi: Royal Era is a city building game from Menue Americas, developer of Zombie Mosh. The title turned up on our list of emerging Facebook games two weeks ago in the midst of a growth spurt that looks to have petered out as of early last week.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Roman Taxi: Royal Era currently has 181,635 monthly active users and 3,254 daily active users.


Guided by Seraphina, the goddess of taxis, players must build a bustling ancient Roman city with housing for potential cab fares. Spending energy, the player clears the land of wooded areas and other obstructions in order to build roads, place houses and plant crops. Almost every action in the game rewards the player with experience points and rewards ranging from coins, fur and goods and to wood, iron and stone. The latter trio of collectibles is required in sufficient quantities in order to build structures. These include residences, businesses, farming, temples and refineries.

In addition to building more residences to house people that can be shuttled around in chariot-style “cabs” for coins, players can hire additional cabbies to speed up the collection of funds. It’s also possible to gain bonus income through completing missions and collections of passengers, which include famous Romans and parodies of pop culture figures. Players can use their earnings to purchase new cabs and animals to pull them with.

Roman Taxi allows its players to share their accomplishments to friends’ walls in addition to sending and receiving gifts. The game also features a series of achievements for reaching specific gameplay milestones, which can be shared through viral channels.

The game is monetized through a soft currency, coins, and Taxi Tokens that can be bought with Facebook Credits. Coins can be spent on buying or building items from the game’s shop, while Taxi Tokens are used on energy packs, energy upgrades, character outfits and certain premium items.

Menue Americas could not be reached for comment as of posting time to talk about its future plans for Roman Taxi: Royal Era, but the developer has been active on the game’s Wall offering support and gameplay tips to players. The game is currently in beta.

You can follow Roman Taxi: Royal Era’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking application for social games and developers.