Roman Polanski Has a Hankering for Nate ‘n Al

Hollywood Foreign Press Association member Ruben V. Nepales recently got to interview Roman Polanski in Paris for a piece running this weekend in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Although the main purpose was to promote the filmmaker’s stage-derived new movie Carnage, arriving in U.S. theaters December 16, the reporter also generated an item that merits inclusion in the website press section of a certain establishment founded in 1945 and currently boasting locations in Beverly Hills and Thousand Oaks. When asked what he misses about Hollywood, the 78-year-old Polanski replied as follows:

“In the beginning, there were certain things I missed. But nowadays… if you go to a studio here, you see technicians using the same methods and machinery. In Hollywood, there’s the connection with the people who finance the films because you lunch or dine with them, whereas here, you never see them. Other than that, I miss friends. I miss Nate ‘n Al Delicatessen.”

If there is not already an off-menu sandwich named after the Polish born filmmaker, it may be time to add one. Either that or start looking into the idea of a Paris location.