Rolling Stone’s 1000th Issue Bash: Jann, Eddie, Marilyn, Moby, Strokes

We spent most of Thursday evening at the Hammerstein Ballroom for Rolling Stone‘s 1000th issue party. While we were waiting to meet our own party on 34th Street and a pink-suited Billy Idol bent down to tie his shoe before brushing past, we knew it was going to be the kind of evening that makes you appreciate at-once New York, rock and roll and, well, small, intimate parties in, say, Cobble Hill.

Jann Wenner — who appeared to have indulged in one of the well-stocked bars early — introduced the evening with the sort of unprepared speech you’d imagine an early Rolling Stone editorial meeting to be like (“Grab your drinks, we’re gonna party!”) before backing up John Cougar Mellencamp on a song written specifically for the affair.

Of note for rock and pop culture fans: Moby (flanked by no less than three women for most of the evening), Marilyn Manson, Ice-T, Eddie Vedder (who performed one song with the Strokes in what was the clear musical highlight of the evening), Saturday Night Live‘s Horatio Sanz (who carried a Heineken in the pocket of his cargo shorts), Lisa Marie Presley, ex-SNLer Jimmy Fallon, John Cougar Mellencamp, Paul Shaffer (whose CBS Orchestra’s opening set went on Way. Too. Long.) and others we didn’t see.

Of note for media fans: New York Times media columnist and Carpetbagger David Carr, Bill Hemmer, Daily News gossipist Lloyd Grove, Women’s Wear Daily‘s Jeff Bercovici, Gawker founder Nick Denton, Jo Piazza, RS associate editor Brian Hiatt, Editor & Publisher‘s David Hirschman, Dave Cirilli of Ken Sunshine Consultants (and formerly a Rolling Stone p.r. exec), Spike TV’s Leah Overstreet, Men’s Journal‘s Tom Foster and more.

Ice-T and guest watch Paul Shaffer’s opening set

The Strokes and someone’s clichéd rock hand

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