Rolling Stone Reportedly Eyeing Brian Wilson’s Best Journalism Bud

Men's Journal editor Jason Fine has a long history with the Beach Boys legend.

Jason Fine has been an editor at large with Rolling Stone for almost as long as Will Dana has served as managing editor. He’s also currently the editor of Men’s Journal. If Fine slides over within Wenner Media to succeed Dana Aug. 10, as Post columnist Keith J. Kelly and THR are both hinting, he will bring along an intriguing mark of music journalism distinction.

Fine has interviewed Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson more times probably than any other journalist, and also worked with Wilson on an autobiography project. His most recent RS piece about Wilson was in the July 2 issue, for which Fine traveled to L.A. and hung out with Wilson ahead of this summer’s tour:

Wilson seems as relaxed as I’ve ever seen him – goofing around with his family, sleeping as late as he wants, even soaking up a little sun in the backyard while the kids jump on the trampoline. Soon, Wilson will have to drag himself out of this Beverly Hills idyll to head out on tour – three grueling weeks across the U.S., followed by Europe – and the anxiety is starting to creep in. “I’m trying not to think too much about it or I’ll get nervous,” he says, driving up Hollywood Boulevard one day. “I’ll get into it and be fine, but it’s hard to transition.”

In the video interview above with RS executive editor Nathan Brackett, Fine tells a funny additional story about Wilson’s restaurant tipping preferences. Fine first met Wilson in 1994 and has also written about him over the years for Rolling Stone here and here. And one way or another, since Wilson will embark in 2016 on his final European tour, we should be able to count on at least one more Fine-Wilson RS piece.

Update (August 2):
The appointment has now been officially confirmed. Fine will serve in parallel as editorial director of Men’s Journal, with Mark Healy taking over for him as that magazine’s editor.

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