Rolling Stone Publisher Wenner Media Sued For Stiffing Copy Editor

It’s rough out there for a copy editor. Just ask James Reynolds, who labored for nealy four years as an Assistant Editor in the Wenner Media Copy department, and claims he never got paid for overtime.

Gawker has a copy of the lawsuit in its entirety. We were shocked to read just how much work Reynolds claims to have done without being compensated:

Plantiff often worked in excess of his normal workweek of about 32 hours and yet Defendant Wenner failed to pay him for the additional hours. Also, when Platiff worked in excess of 40 hours a week, Defendant Wenner willfully failed to pay Plantiff overtime compensation of one and one-half times his regular rate, in violation of the FLSA and the New York Labor Law. For about twenty-six (26) weeks per year, Plantiff worked as many as 63 hours per week.

That translates into hundreds of hours of unpaid work hours – a lot of lost cabbage!

We’ve heard mumbled complaints of this sort before — usually from journalism colleagues too afraid of losing their jobs to complain about not getting overtime pay. Similar stories? Let us hear from you!