Roll Call’s Kondracke Proves Love, Washington-style

Few things are guaranteed to make Beltway wonks’ hearts go pitter-pat quite like a romantic dedication on National Public Radio.

Roll Call executive editor and romantic husband Mort Kondracke dedicated Saturday’s public radio programs to his bride, America’s Promise CEO Marguerite Kondracke. The occasion was her “milestone” 65th birthday.

“Today’s programs are made possible in part by Mort Kondracke, in honor of his wife Marguerite’s milestone birthday,” announced three different WAMU hosts three times during the day on Saturday.

One-day dedications…

are available once a year to individual donors of $500 or more. To help figure out what to say, they’ve even got liberal-arts approved samples of “acceptable” dedications, including “Today’s programs are made possible in part ….by Buddy Glass, in memory of Seymour Glass.” and “Donald and Betty Draper, in support of the American Lung Association.”

Photo Credit: Tom Williams