Roll Call Snags Toeplitz Back from Politico

In what looks to be a game of musical chairs, Shira Toeplitz has landed back at Roll Call. She has worked at Politico for the past  year and now returns to her former employer to cover House and Senate races. “We are delighted to announce that Shira Toeplitz will be returning to Roll Call as a senior leader on our politics team,” announced Editor Scott Montgomery and Politics Editor Lauren Whittington in a email to staff this morning.

Toeplitz’s first day back is April 4.

See the internal memo…

Before she left in May 2010, Shira was a top contributor in breaking news and a regular competitor for space on Page 1. She owned the beat covering the political consultant world as our Shop Talk columnist and was a pioneer in using social media to distribute her work and extend the reach of Roll Call’s name.

Shira spent the last year at Politico, where she covered House and Senate races through 2010 and most recently has been part of their Senate team.

With her return, Shira will take the lead on Roll Call’s redistricting coverage and join the politics team handling House and Senate races in a wide portfolio of states.

She also will play a pivotal role by covering the Iowa caucuses, joining Steve Peoples, who is covering the New Hampshire primaries. This marks the formal launch of our 2012 election plan, which includes David Drucker, who from his spot in the Senate will specialize in the development of the GOP field as a whole. Christina Bellantoni, who traveled extensively while covering the 2008 campaign, will anchor the team as both an editor and writer with a focus on President Obama’s re-election effort.

Our 2012 coverage will require contributions from across the newsroom, but this core group will take the lead and track the next presidential election to give our readers more expansive coverage than we’ve ever offered.

Please join us in welcoming Shira back to Roll Call. Her first day back will be April 4.

Scott and Lauren