Roll Call Hires Wodele

From Charlie Mitchell:

    I am pleased to report that Greta Wodele, currently of CongressDaily, will be joining the Roll Call reporting staff. Greta will be covering the House along with Susan Davis and Jennifer Yachnin. She comes off an impressive six-year run at CongressDaily, starting as an associate editor, then covering the post 9/11 debates over homeland security and finally as Senate leadership reporter. In addition to her talent for breaking news, I am happy to note that Greta brings a strong bat to the Roll Call softball team. Greta’s first day is Feb. 22.

The CongressDaily to Roll Call road continues to be well worn (Brody Mullins, Chris Cillizza, Susan Davis, John Stanton, Charlie Mitchell, Emily Heil…). Paul Singer also moved over from National Journal to Roll Call.

The announcement from CongressDaily:


    Greta has submitted her resignation effective at the start of the Presidents Day recess to become the third person covering the House for Roll Call. Greta has been with us for more than six years, starting out as associate editor for the PM and helping the AM, then moving to markup and homeland security coverage and finally for the past year serving as our Senate leadership reporter. We thank her for her many contributions to CongressDaily and wish her well.