‘Roll Call’ & ‘CQ Today’ Announce Merger

Two political newspapers, Roll Call and CQ Today, have announced they’re cutting back and consequently merging.

According to The New York Times, on November 13, both newspapers will become a single daily entitled Roll Call. In addition, their newsrooms will merge. The piece didn’t specify whether or not jobs were going to be eliminated as a result of the merger.

Beth Bronder, publisher of Roll Call, told the Times, “Roll Call will become the news of Capitol Hill, but also have that policy element.”

It sounds like the digital age could be attributed to one main reason for the merger. In January 2011 the House of Representatives allowed tablets on its floor and reps who previously read the brick and mortar newspaper switched to the online version. Plus, as pointed out by the Times, print advertising reduced its revenue, execs decided to merge the newspapers into one.

Bronder pointed out, “The question came up whether it’s worth it to print and deliver these copies every day. Everything pointed to migrating the CQ Today folks to an online environment.”