When Editors and Readers Choose Poorly…

Sigh. Only in Washington does this sort of horrible thing occur.

Last week Roll Call‘s Features section held a Capitol Quip contest. Today they ran the winning caption and it involved — of course — taxes and cherry blossoms. Everyone hates taxes and at this point no one gives a crap about the cherry blossoms that have mostly blown away after contributing profoundly to allergy sufferers’ snot and sinus issues and creating road rage-inducing traffic jams we’d rather not think about. Could it be conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, who recently griped about President Obama potentially taxing people for each cherry blossom that they view? Roll Call doesn’t reveal the name of the winner, but says he or she will receive a signed color print they can frame from the publication’s cartoonist R.J. Matson.

The contest itself is mildly fun. But taxing and cherry blossoms wasn’t funny when Ingraham made the joke to make her conservative Twitter fan club go berserk and it’s still not even fake smile funny a week later. Readers apparently chose the winner after editors picked five potential victorious captions. A slightly funny option (they were all pretty awful): “This is nice, but until Congress gets their act together, I fear it’s all just bloom and gloom.” Maybe the plan ought to be nixed next time if they’re going to choose so badly — and we mean the editors and the readers. See here.

Apparently this is going to be a weekly thing fiasco. See this week‘s contest here. Crossing our fingers for next week.

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