What’s Roland Tweeting?

Many people woke up on Tuesday morning afternoon with new tales to tell of their inaugural experiences. Some got great seats for the event. Others watched from home and avoided the crowd. But, many folks partied their asses off on Monday evening.

Among the revelers was TVONE host and CNN contributor, Roland Martin.

Martin was at the Victory Ball, where R&B artist Maxwell was playing. Maxwell is known for his sultry, slow jams that have probably aided more guys in getting laid than Viagra. Roland knew that an evening of Maxwell could lead to an evening of romance.

He took a few moments out of his evening to tweet about the event.

Roland made sure everyone knew what it meant to be listening to Maxwell.

Did the Ambassador Ball turn into an orgy? Are women just THROWING themselves on men at this party?

Well, I hope not. Because it wasn’t just the young and vibrant at this ball. Roland brought his parents! He tweeted out the picture on the right, saying, “It’s 1:28 am and guess who is hanging strong? My 65-year-old parents! Now y’all see where I get my party ways from LOL.”

I hope Mother and Father Martin got their party naps in earlier in the day or this could have gotten ugly. Does Maxwell still have an impact on 65 year olds?

The sexy vibe continued to swirl around the room because, according to Roland’s tweets, he sent out this super-sexy shot of himself and actress Elise Neal. As if that pic wasn’t awkward enough, a minute later, Roland made sure to tweet out a pic of his “sexy” wife, who appears in the picture above with his parents.

Correction: Maxwell performed at the Victory Ball, not the Ambassador’s Ball. Apologies for the heartbreak we caused with this mistake.