Roland Martin Critical of CNN

TV host Roland Martin, a former contributor to CNN for six years,  has been relatively quiet about his former employer. When they dumped his contract in March, he seemed to walk away amicably outside of minor grumblings of the network not putting him on air as often as he may have liked.

But late Wednesday night he put the network’s ass on blast as he revealed details about a CNN meeting he once sat in about the phrase “white Hispanic.” The description surfaced in the George Zimmerman trial and has enraged some to hear Zimmerman described as a “white Hispanic.” In a few tweets, he laid out some things he heard in meetings at CNN.

The discussion began when a follower wondered why CNN wasn’t inviting someone like Martin on to discuss matters of race. “Hey @piersmorgan u debated @Toure..on ur show why don’t u make space for @rolandsmartin to debate @larryelder? wrote “Davey D” a self-described journalist, hip hop historian and part-time gigilo for the ladies over 80. (Seriously.) Martin directed his feelings to CNN’s Piers Morgan and his producer, Jonathan Wald and replied, “I wasn’t booked when I worked at CNN,” he wrote on Twitter. “I won’t hold my breath now. Clearly the suits nixed it.”

About 15 minutes later he wasn’t done. “So a white guy, a black guy & a black woman were on CNN to discuss white Hispanic. Uh, CNN, how about a booking a white Hispanic to talk?” asked Martin. He even offered suggestions: “If @CNN wants to talk white Hispanic, please book contributors @MariaTCardona & @ananavarro & someone who says they are white Hispanic.”

And then he pointed to the special they recently aired on the N-word. “Isn’t it interesting @CNN did a one-hour special on the N-word, but no one wants to do a one-hour special on white Hispanic?” Martin wondered aloud. “Hmmm.” He then invited them on the Tom Joyner radio program where he is a regular contributor: “Since @CNN & these other networks clearly are scared to talk about white Hispanics, any white Hispanics who want to come on @TJMShow?”

Those meetings at CNN? Here’s what Martin said happened there.



We requested comment from CNN on Martin’s statements. We sent the request extremely early this morning. If we receive a comment at any point today we will provide an update.