Roku to Bring Angry Birds to TV

Angry Birds, the game that invaded smartphones, tablets and PC is now coming to TV this summer. Roku, a company which sells set-top boxes that stream videos from Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video onto your TV screen, has announced a deal with Ravio that will bring Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds Ravio to Roku-equipped TVs.

Roku’s founder and CEO Anthony Wood said in a statement.

Angry Birds is the most popular and fastest growing casual game yet it has been trapped on mobile devices. We believe there’s a huge market for games like these on the TV. Just as we were the first to enable Netflix to stream instantly to the TV, we intend to be the catalyst for transforming the way people play casual games-starting with Angry Birds-on the biggest screen in the home.

Roku also plans to offer subscriptions to an Angry Birds video channel featuring Angry Birds animated shorts and sell Angry Birds merchandise. By this summer, Angry Birds is expected to be available on the new Roku box. Woods states that the current version of set-top box is not sufficient in graphics performance for gaming and they are also planning to modify the remote control for better user experience in the new box.

According to Wood, this is just the beginning and they are planning to expand the company in casual gaming. Currently, Roku is also in talks with other casual gaming companies, and expects to make announcements of additional offerings in the next few weeks.