Rohde On Charlie Rose: “My Days As A War Correspondent Are Over”

Last night, Charlie Rose interviewed New York Times reporter David Rohde about his Taliban kidnapping and the five-part series he wrote about the ordeal last week.

About three-quarters of the way through the interview, Rose asked Rohde about the news media blackout that took place while he was being help captive. Rohde said he ultimately agreed with the decision:

“I think it was the right decision. My captors were delusional about what they thought they could get for me…I think keeping it out of the news was correct. There are certain stories — a witness who wants to remain anonymous in a murder trial, a rape victim we won’t publicize, journalists don’t publicize American tactics when they’re embedding with American troops — so if there is a request to a news organization — and I, I’m a reporter, I want to make things public — but if there is a request to a news organization and it would potentially impact someone’s life, I think it’s responsible to not run the story.”

Near the end of the interview, Rose asked Rohde how his family could be certain that he wouldn’t end up getting kidnapped again — for the third time. “My days as a war correspondent are over,” Rohde declared. Then he started to fight back tears. “I think its the only fair thing to do to [my family] after what’s happened. I was lucky and I don’t want to put them through this again.”

Watch the full video above.

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