Roger Corman: ‘The Time for Motion Picture Internet Distribution is Now’

On the heels of another triumph for 90-year-old Marvel Comics wizard Stan Lee (Iron Man 3), it’s now time for 87-year-old B-movie king Roger Corman to claim his piece of the shifting media landscape. He explains to LA AP business writer Ryan Nakashima why, after turning down an offer from Hulu some time ago, he has finally decided to jump on the Internet streaming bandwagon by means of a paid-subscription YouTube channel:

His channel, “Corman’s Drive-in,” will cost subscribers $3.99 per month for a rotating selection of 30 movies, refreshed with new interviews and clips from films that are in production. It is set to launch in June.

“I believed for many years that the future of motion picture distribution, particularly for the independents, is on the Internet,” Corman said. “I think the time is now.”

Corman’s wife Julie tells Nakashima that she and Roger were turned on to the power of YouTube by the millions of views the trailer for their 2010 movie Sharktopus received on the service. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of all this is that a new generation of budding DIY filmmakers will be able to now more freely access an early master of the genre. Read Nakashima’s full piece here.

[Photo of Julie, Roger: s_bukley/]

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