Roger Black Tackles Working Mother!


A story that landed on our laps this weekend. Looks like Roger Black‘s been busy with a big new project, as we read in a press release we were sent over. He’s completely re-designed the cover layout for Working Mother magazine, which will debut in the May issue (not the image included here, which is the April issue — as soon as we’ve got a scan of the new one, we’ll post it). One of the big changes? Kinda funny to think about, really. They’re going to start putting kids on the cover. Of Working Mother. But we joke. We’re sure it’s going to look stellar, per usual when it comes with Mr. Black’s work. Here’s a bit from the PR:

Guided by input from readers and under the creative eye of innovative designer Roger Black, a new Working Mother cover, reflecting the passion and energy of this readership, came into focus. Gone is the cover-model working mother: Readers voted that a cover depicting a mother with her children would more accurately reflect their identity — not content to lead a divided life as an employee at work and a mom at home, she proudly carries the title “working mother” with her at all times.

Designer Black responded to and complemented reader input with a fresh, colorful design that offers a new take on Working Mother’s logo and layout. “It was good to hear from readers about the cover,” said Black. “They contributed lots of great ideas, but a common theme emerged from the mix: put a real person — a bright, happy, sexy, successful woman — on the cover and show her with her kids!”