Roger Black Explains the Silverlight Buzz in Words We Understand


Checking in with our friend Roger Black when we got home last night, we saw that he had the perfect follow-up to a post of ours from the other day about the buzz on Microsoft’s Silverlight. In Black’s essay, “A New Battle in the Net,” he talks all about the program, but not before giving the whole detailed history of Microsoft-ery and why it’s important that developers and designers actually kinda really like this new program. It’s an interesting read, even if your involvement, like ours, probably stops at just knowing that something called Silverlight exists. Here’s a bit:

The blogosophere has been asking if Silverlight is a Flash killer, but there is no smoking gun as of yet. Flash has a huge developer following, and Adobe’s Flash/Flex/Ajax/PDF rollup, Apollo, is going to the first choice for a lot of projects. A lot of people are happy enough that Adobe has some competition from Microsoft, and vice versa. But Silverlight is clearly aimed right at Flash, and many at Mix07 agreed that the download is faster, the video implementation is superior, the use of XAML (the MS flavor of XML) makes for more robust dynamic publishing.