Roger Ailes, The Conservative Maestro Behind Fox News, Signs For 5 More Arduous Years

Ailes.jpgRoger Ailes, whom Rupert Murdoch brought in to weave his Republican-istic web around Fox News, has signed on for a five-year extension to his contract, the Los Angeles Times reported.

That means we’re in for five more years of such pleasant closeted lefties as Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Great Van Sustern and the entire Fox news team

Ailes’ new contract extends the key role he plays in News Corp. as chief executive of Fox News and chairman of Fox Television Stations Group.

“Roger has done a remarkable job building Fox News into a force in journalism and built a great asset for News Corp.,” Chief Executive Murdoch said in a statement today announcing the deal. “I have complete confidence in his talent and his editorial judgment.”

Along with his oversight of Fox News and the local stations, Ailes is in charge of the Fox Business Network, MyNetwork TV and Twentieth Television.

“I’m pleased to continue to work for News Corp.,” Ailes said in a statement. “It is a strong and extremely well positioned company. I look forward to carrying out Mr. Murdoch’s legendary vision in the future.”