Rod Serling’s Daughter Teases Upcoming Memoir

At the top of her personal website, Anne Serling—daughter of famed Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling—proclaims, ‘AT LONG LAST… The manuscript is complete. publishes excerpt.’

The book she’s referring to is Another Dimension: Growing Up with the Man Behind The Twilight Zone. In the December 27 excerpt, she recalls going through various phases of grieving after her dad died in 1975, leading her eventually to re-watch his timeless TV show:

Later that summer, a little more resilient, I began to watch my father’s Twilight Zone‘s, doing this more to see him than the actual show. I randomly selected one called “In Praise of Pip.” The episode was filmed at the Pacific Ocean Park, the same amusement park on the Santa Monica Pier that my dad took my sister and me to.

What was so striking, so personal and so moving about this particular story was some of the dialogue. In this episode, Jack Klugman says to his son, “Who’s your best buddy, Pip?”

“You are, Pop.”

Just like the routine my dad and I did.

Serling has promised to respond soon to some of the comments left in the wake of the article.