RockYou updates The Walking Dead Social Game’s energy mechanics

When The Walking Dead Social Game launched last week, reactions were mixed. While the narrative style and stealth/strategy gameplay was generally well-received, the game’s energy mechanics garnered criticism (in fact, looking at photos on the Facebook app page shows a lot of images complaining about energy). RockYou has decided to tweak the game’s energy system, based on feedback from the title’s community.

It no longer costs energy to talk to non-player characters and free energy refills until characters reach level five. Characters also regenerate a point of energy every five minutes, giving players two extra points an hour. However, the most controversial aspect of the game is that players expend energy to move around the map during missions, and this is still part of gameplay. When asked if it intended to continue using this mechanic, the RockYou team says it is currently under review.

The Walking Dead Social Game is still in the open beta stage on Facebook. RockYou tells us there aren’t any immediate plans to officially launch the game on the social network. According to our AppData traffic-tracking service, The Walking Dead Social Game currently has 110,000 daily active users.