RockYou Beats Out Slide as Top Facebook Developer

While RockYou and Slide have been battling for the top developer spot with their Facebook applications, the recent changes made to Facebook’s design have caused an uproar in terms of applications’ status, distribution and permeation.

As Nick noted earlier this month, both RockYou and Slide began to recover from the drop in traffic the Facebook redesign had on their respective applications, and are back to battling it out for the top spot yet again. Nearly two weeks ago it looked as though RockYou would overtake Slide in terms of active montly users, and today we see that this is still the case.

RockYou‘s top app SuperWall continues to grow, along with about half of RockYou’s other applications coming from its developent team, with SuperWall reaching about 21 million monthly active users. On the other hand, all of Slide‘s applications are declining in traffic, dropping 4% in the past week. The rate of growth is slower for RockYou than Slide’s rate of decline, yet RockYou’s steady growth doesn’t appear to be leveling off quite yet.

It may also be important to note that Causes, creator of the number one Facebook app, is declining in traffic, having dropped 9% in the past week, and leveling off at just over 18 million monthly active users. Nevertheless, traffic for game developer Zynga has been on a steady increase these past few weeks, showing little fluctuation in its growth trajectory, yet still appearing third behind RockYou and Slide.

So how could Slide continue its head-to-head battle against RockYou? Well RockYou still has a great deal more applications on Facebook than Slide, a number of additional changes made on Facebook’s end may still have a residual effect on some of Slide’s applications. Around the same time as the Facebook redesign, the Facebook Platform also shut down Slide’s best performing application, Top Friends, sending a double blow to Slide’s success as a Facebook app developer.

A third factor for Slide’s downturn could also be the launching of Facebook’s own top friends option, removing users’ need to turn to a third party developer to show top friends. Finding more ways to overcome these recent setbacks may help Slide find its way to the top of the developer food chain.

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