RockYou and Slide Continue Battle for Top Developer

Over the past few months both big and small developers have been substantially impacted by the Facebook redesign. Many suffered huge plunges in traffic, few of which were able to make adjustments that resulted in a return to normal. Slide for instance had their top application, FunSpace, drop from close to 20 million monthly active users down to a low of 13 million monthly active users in the past months. That’s a whopping 35 percent decrease in traffic.

Fortunately the company was able to adapt to the changes but they were only able to recoup approximately 2 million of the 7 million lost users. The company has since flat-lined. RockYou had a somewhat similar experience. The company’s largest application, Super Wall, dropped over 14 percent in the past two months but in contrast to Slide, RockYou has been able to recoup the majority of their lost users.

Not all companies have suffered a decrease in the amount of traffic coming to their applications. Causes, which I previously featured, has seen their traffic soar 1000 percent in the past three months. One of the main reasons that is that the application is one of two members of the great applications program that Facebook announced at f8 earlier this year.

Their traffic has appeared to slow over the past few day though and while Causes is by far the largest individual application (2.5 million more monthly active users than second runner SuperWall), it is the company’s only application. RockYou and Slide still dominate the developer leaderboard going back and forth with each other for the top spot.

It it surprising to see the two companies which were the first widget developers on social networks retain the lead positions? I don’t think so. The companies clearly have the most resources allocated to developing on social networks with large funded social gaming following close behind. For now it looks like RockYou is on target to eclipse Slide in relative size on Facebook but it’s clear that the two companies remain neck and neck as the fierce competition continues.