RockYou shuts down 3 Blokes Studios

Inside Social Games can confirm that RockYou has closed Australian developer 3 Blokes Studios.

“Yes, we wound down the 3 Blokes studio,” Josh Grant, RockYou’s SVP and GM of Studio Partners tells us in an emailed statement. “We have great respect for the team. The focus of our business has changed; our core capabilities are in monetization and distribution, and we reorganized last year to focus on our media business and third party publishing.”

RockYou acquired 3 Blokes last June to work on a real-time space-themed strategy combat game, Galactic Allies. The idea was to attract a hardcore male gamer audience that wasn’t being served by RockYou’s existing female-oriented games like Zoo World 2. Galactic Allies maxed out its traffic in September and October at 200,000 monthly active users and 80,000 daily active users according to our AppData traffic tracking service. RockYou’s only other acquired studio, Playdemic, was sold back to its founders and has since gone on to sign a publishing deal for Zynga’s new games platform.

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