RockYou Owns This Week’s List of Top Facebook Games by Growth in Monthly Active Users

Happy days continue for Birthday Cards and Zoo World, the two biggest Facebook apps from RockYou, on this week’s list of fastest-growing games by monthly average users (MAU), from AppData. The pair seems almost unstoppable, with Zoo World, the more game-like of the two, potentially ready to break 20 million users next week.

Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Birthday Cards45,831,329+4,588,556+10.01
2.icon Zoo World18,008,311+1,802,177+10.01
3.icon FarmVille76,677,249+1,200,774+1.57
4.icon Truth about friends590,265+590,117+99.97
5.icon Happy Island11,146,511+534,124+4.79
6.icon Gangster City1,233,329+527,156+42.74
7.icon My City Life798,564+520,032+65.12
8.icon Little Warrior1,497,204+440,125+29.40
9.icon My Town1,961,793+410,417+20.92
10.icon Wild Ones2,603,987+406,294+15.60
11.icon MindJolt Games16,454,075+344,935+2.10
12.icon Go to Hell347,382+281,970+81.17
13.icon Mafia Wars24,650,755+252,460+1.02
14.icon Texas HoldEm Poker25,306,358+239,485+0.95
15.icon 開心寶貝1,355,142+196,668+14.51
16.icon PetVille18,133,636+181,872+1.00
17.icon Band of Heroes1,158,846+170,070+14.68
18.icon Friends For Sale!5,351,271+164,341+3.07
19.icon SPP Ranch!265,854+139,277+52.39
20.icon Country Life8,156,867+138,984+1.70

As we’ve noted before, RockYou has encouraged the growth of Zoo World in part by actually putting a copy of the game within Birthday Cards; players who get hooked will probably tend to go ahead and install the regular version of Zoo World for daily play.

However, the app company doesn’t seem to be hanging onto its players very well. Between a fifth a quarter of the average successful game’s users will visit daily; Zoo World, by comparison, is at 13 percent.

To think of it another way, Zynga, the most successful gaming company on Facebook, has about 70 million daily users. RockYou has roughly a third of Zynga’s MAU, but it would have to multiply its DAU by more than 10 to reach those numbers:

Skipping down to Gangster City, this new Mafia Wars-style game from Playfish is continuing to do fairly well, although it isn’t exploding. Little Warrior, from an unknown developer, popped up in the rankings a couple weeks back with GC, but is growing even more unevenly.

Two more to point out: My City Life and My Town. As the names indicate, both of these are city builder / Sims-style games. Broken Bulb Studio’s My Town has been appearing consistently on our lists of top growers, but it’s worth noting that My City Life, though it appeared more recently and is from another unknown developer, is currently growing more quickly.