RockYou now claiming more reach than Slide

Whether or not Alexa is accurate (Compete disagrees), RockYou and Slide have been battling it out for top spot among Facebook application developers. Tonight, RockYou announced that it is currently #1 across several major application types:

  • Wall: Super Wall  vs. FunWall
  • Messaging: X Me vs. SuperPoke
  • Quizzes: Likeness vs. My Questions

Super Wall is also the most active app on Facebook, with over 3.1 million daily active users (its 18% daily retention rate is pretty impressive). With over 22 million installations (almost 40% of the entire Facebook population), Top Friends from Slide is still the most installed app on Facebook.

Together, RockYou and Slide continue to lead other application developers in reach and retention. The companies produce 7 of the top 10 most popular applications on Facebook.

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