RockYou Finds Success With Zoo World, Where's Zynga?

RockYou, one of the largest Facebook application developers, has spent the past few months shifting its focus to social gaming. One of the company’s latest games, Zoo World, has more than tripled in the past month, growing from 3.1 million to over 9.9 million monthly active users. With the rapid growth, one would imagine that Zynga will quickly follow suit with ZooVille, however another company currently holds the trademark.

While Zynga could easily create a zoo application and call it something other than ZooVille, the name wouldn’t follow the pattern of the company’s latest games: PetVille, FishVille, and FarmVille. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office currently states that a company named “SocialApps, LLC” trademarked the term “ZOOVILLE” on November 16, 2009. We’ve never head of SocialApps, LLC though but it appears to be registered in California by Tom Hansen, someone else we’ve never heard of.

Regardless of the ZooVille mystery, Zoo World is currently growing rapidly, boosting RockYou into the second position of the top Facebook application developers. While game play is a little clunky when it comes to making purchases, Zoo World continues to add around 200,000 users a day. It would be great if all the activities could take place within the flash application rather than moving between pages, but I’m assuming RockYou is working on upgrading the application as it grows.

While Zynga may not currently be competing in the simulation zoo space, there are already numerous other developers taking a shot at competing with RockYou. Zoo Builder, My Zoo, The Zoo Game, and Zoo Sim are just a few of the applications looking to compete with Zoo World. We’ll have to wait a while to see if the zoos are able to catch up with the extremely popular Facebook farms, but for now it appears that RockYou has a firm grip on the Facebook zoo market.